Share & Collaborate

Rhizome Networks present innovative approach of content sharing and real-time collaboration on multiple environments: website, mobile devices, wearable devices, vehicle infotainment systems and desktop.  Our company develop set of technologies in the field of sharing, collaboration, SaaS, virtual consulting and PC sharing: 

Content Glass - Multidimensional Contextual Sharing

Content Glass: a pending patent technology that presents a new methodology of sharing- State Oriented Sharing. Content Glass present an open framework and community for developing state oriented sharing apps - SOSA. Content glass is the major project of Rhizome Networks these days. Read more about Content Glass.

Desktop Glass

Desktop website is pending patent technology that presents a new methodology  of creating websites by anyone with a Desktop or othe rcomputational device where files can be managed. Dasktop website combines files management and translation technology with Content Glass in order to allow ordinarry files on the desktop to be aranged and viewd as a personal portal. This is a no-HTML website, and any user that knows to use office like tools will be able to create a portal without having a clue in terms such as webserver, Hosting , Cloud etc'. We expect thse types of files to be used as ad-hoc sharing tool in a closed groups however these website will also have the ability to be presented in public as will be demonstrated on our incubator website.  

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Search Glass 

Social search graph pending patent technology that presents a new methodology where users can feed the search engine result page (SERP)  with new individual meanings by creating semantic relations between items found in serp, and feed those relations back to data repository so it may be included in future SERPs. We intend to implement our social search engine tehchnology on the Linkage Graph of Content Class - a SERP of content Widgets related to each other in the CG sphere.

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Experts Glass 

A pending patent technology of utilizing Content Glass for the purpose of creating ad-hoc networks of virtual assistants, experts, consultants, advisors etc'. Experts Glass is implemented using a special widget of Content Glass that once set on a website or app, it provides its owner with an ability to get queries from other visitors and get into on-line collaboration session with website or App visitors.  The experts glass networks include  people that define themselves as advisors and  may act independently without being contracted with the provider on underline website or App. On the other end, a website owner may want to compensate "experts" for their act and suggest experts the options of acting as an affiliates or some other commission or credit based model.  

Read more about Virtual Consulting On State.  

Markers Glass

Markers Glass is a pending patent framework based on Content Glass technology. The framework provided a methodology for leasing places on top of web assets (web/apps). Markers Glass can be used for example by website owners to mark places on a website. Other users of CG can then lease the marked place and put their own content there. This act of hooking with marked place and setting a widget to show in this place is call campaign. once campaign started advertiser's widget will be presented publicly (or specific group) - Example: leasing place for showing Banner.

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Priceli API provide easy access to public information about prices and promotions published by Israeli supermarket chains in accordance with Israeli public prices regulations. 

Priceli is an automatic system that collect and aggregate prices data. The data is collected from the the public resource where supermarkets are required to post their own prices data using XML files. Pricely read those XML files and collect the information in a way that make it easy for applications to use. 

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